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Client: Martin Jensen Design / DDET
Location: Copenhagen
Year: 2017

Autodidact Designer Martin Jensen built a namesake line inspired by big city trips and architecture, hardware stores, industrial left-overs and nature alike. His collection combines leather scraps with rubber hose, wire cables, strips etc… On the occasion of the launch of a pop up shop to present his eponymous line he asked us to curate the space with the aim of illustrating his sustainable approach to design. His brief was simple: ‘urban green’. We installed a simple shelving system on the walls to put the goods on display while in the window sill towards the street we choreographed the space around an old ladder on which some of the products were showcased. We chose to do so in order to provide the public with a sensory experience on many levels (volume, texture, shapes, colors…)
Each leather good was paired with a bouquet of flowers to highlight the designer’s concern about sustainability but also to bring playfulness and color to the venue.