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Client: Copenhagen Municipality at Sydhavn
Location: Copenhagen
Year: 2011-2012

Largely inspired by the so-called vest pocket parks, which spruced up New York City in the mid 60’s, the Danish counterpart is an aesthetically appealing attempt to both filling the voids between buildings as well as upgrading specific neighborghoods of the capital. As part of a campaign which aimed at creating a greener Sydhavn, where trees, flowers and life would get more space, we conceived a pocket park for Copenhagen’s south west borough. Erected at the tip of Sydhavn hence becoming its natural green gate – a buffer zone between the heavy traffic of the neighboring freeways and the peacefull Borgbjergsvej, the park combines dwarf fruit trees and magnolia trees contained in bespoke planter boxes as well as benches.
The boxes are clad with a three-dimensional woven structure in order to provide a scaffold for life. While they function as multi-purpose objects; all at once space dividers, air filters and respite spots, they also become small outdoor, living surfaces with plants creeping and crawling around them.

The sculptural set of urban furniture is based on a 4-color palette (3 shades of green and 1 dark brown). The wooden lattice where the green-coated strips stick out at various angles, gives a dramatic look to the boxes while the benches share the same aesthetic in the feature of their green-coated metal legs forming a crosspiece. Both the boxes and the benches are handcrafted so that each of them becomes an emotional object.