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delte vande at Brønshøj vandtårn

delte vande at Brønshøj vandtårn

Client: Københavns kommune / Unesco World Capital of Architecture

Location: Copenhagen

Year: 2023

Poster design: Rune Brink Hansen

Photo credit: Christian Brems, Johanna Sylvest, Lawrence Ebelle


The exhibition Delte Vande in Brønshøj Water Tower aims at presenting the vision of the building’s transformation into an experience center with water as its focal point – with an exhibition area, a natural bathing lake in the former water tanks, a cafe in the upper level and viewpoints towards the city from the roof top.
Delte Vande’s purpose is to disseminate knowledge about water and the environment through art experiences as well as to attract a wide audience to Brønshøj while highlighting the water tower as an architectural gem and a new cultural destination in the area, of great significance with regards to water as a resource.

From June 6 through June 17 the exhibition will showcase selected projects which embody this vision, ranging from site-specific art pieces and installations to lectures, conversations, podcasts and film screenings as well as a curated dinner ‘the edible pond’ inside the tower. (in Danish)


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