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delte vande i Brønshøj vandtårn

delte vande i Brønshøj vandtårn

Client: københavns kommune / Unesco World Capital of Architecture

Location: Copenhagen

Year: 2023

Photo credit: Lawrence Ebelle


A bathing lake at the top of Brønshøj water tower is what Delte Vande project is about. Delte Vande aims at investigating in a close dialogue with citizens and the city’s stakeholders how Brønshøj striking landmark and architectural gem can be transformed into an experience center with a natural bathing lake.

We are currently working on curating the upcoming exhibition in collaboration with Rune Brink Hansen ( and create the scenography which will highlight Brønshøj water tower’s unique and poetic architecture once it is equipped with a panorama café on its top, a bathing lake in its core and an exhibition space at street level in the so-called ‘column room’.

Stay tuned and get updated about our work on the exhibition which will be on display in June 2023.


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