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Year: 2021

Photo credit: Paola Laustsen

Curated Works offers stationery products upholstered with fabrics carefully selected. Our handcrafted collection made of FSC-certified paper includes notebooks, storage boxes, portfolios, archive folders (accordion books), clam shell boxes as well as pencil cases and calendars.

Personal touch has always been paramount for Curated Works and has become synonymous with our aesthetic laboratory’s DNA. Whether you go for a namesake product or choose to give one a specific identity by embossing a logo, our talented artisans will hand-stamp your CW piece, insuring its personality and beauty.

Each piece can be personalized upon request.

Items on sale:


dimensions: A5
color: natural, yellow
price: 200 kr,-

Note. Can also be upholstered with your own fabric

Storage box

dimensions: A4
color: natural, yellow, rattan. With or without belt
price: from 400 kr,-


dimensions: A4 / A3 incl. 1 pocket
color: natural, yellow, rattan. With ribbon
price: from 600 kr,-

Archive folders (accordion books – hardbound)

dimensions: A3
color: natural, yellow
price: 2.000 kr,- (4 internal pockets)
3.000 kr,- (6 internal pockets)

Note. Can also be upholstered with your own fabric

Clam shell box

dimensions: A5 / A4
colors: natural, yellow, rattan.
bespoke: ask for a quote
special edition & capsule: check availability
price: from 2.000 kr,-

Pencil case

dimensions: 8 x 24 cm
color: natural, yellow, rattan
price: from 400 kr,-


dimensions: TBA
color: TBA
price: TBA