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Client: Private
Location: Copenhagen
Year: 2017

ISOTEKET epitomizes the ice-cream with a twist at its best.
This gourmet realm offers a selection of organic ice-creams where flavor combinations as well as out of the ordinary gustative experiences are in focus.
As fresh, organic ingredients are the core of the ice-creams on offer, ISOTEKET chose to ban unnecessary sweetmeats such as vermicelli, flakes and the likes. Fruits, sugar, water and milk are what they are based on.
We translated this strong will to reduce the decorative to the minimum into a streamlined interior where our custom-made rotative display discs serve as the room’s focal point.
The display system consists of 4 rows of 5 discs each. The discs can rotate around an axis allowing to show the selection of daily goods. When one flavor is sold out, the disc is rotated so that the logo side of the plate shows.
All the graphics we developed for the Østerbro shop have a minimalistic expression while remaining visually appealing.