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Client: Holbæk Kommune
Location: Holbæk & vicinity
Year: 2019

To implement the scenographic development of ‘Husker du?’ exhibition we went through loads of archival material about Holbæk and its vicinity. Husker du highlights with 21 handpicked photographs and accompanying texts what this area was all about less than a hundred years ago. The snapshots help the public reminisce a time where doorstep milk delivery was a common sight, a time where the mail was carried with a horse-drawn vehicle and the entire area could boast about its ceramics factory located in Knabstrup.
To sequence the long corridor where the photographs hang we color-coded the exhibition wall so that it was easy to identify each area.
Moreover we delivered bespoke circular frames of various sizes especially designed to display the pictures and their historical descriptions.
The result is playful yet minimalistic and refined.