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Floating gardens. Kildevældssøen (proposal)

Floating gardens. Kildevældssøen (proposal)

Location: Copenhagen
Year: 2023 – In progress
Photo credit: Pexels
Sketches: Shirin Hussain

The floating gardens developed by Curated Works aim at upgrading the protected lake of Kildevældssøen by fastening planted floating platforms along its edge. The first prototype designed with an interlocking system of Japanese joinery which enables an easy assembly provides a unique habitat to a variety of species, hence increasing the existing biodiversity. Meanwhile it creates a new recreative area for the versatile group of park users as well as an outdoor workshop venue for the neighboring school – Kildevæld Skole.
If successful, the experience could be expanded by establishing an array of floating platforms, each of them with its own specific habitat. In the heart of Copenhagen’s climate-friendly Kildevæld neighborhood, the floating gardens could be a conspicuous statement based on nature’s own qualities as well as an aesthetic response to potential storm surge.

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