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Client: Københavns Kommune
Location: Copenhagen
Lead architect: Lawrence Ebelle / 2+1 Idébureau
Concept: Jesper Sønderaas
Design: Jesper Sønderaas, Lawrence Ebelle
Year: 2008

Martin Nyrup’s Hovedkassen from 1905 used to serve as what we know today as a bank vault – a secure space where money, valuables, records, and documents were stored. Our ambition with this project was to brand the historic premises and aim at making it one of Copenhagen City Halls’ must-see rooms such as Bryllupssalen (the Wedding room), Magistratsalen , Rådhushallen and Festsalen.

The branding element is a cross unraveled while renovating the room’s ceiling. Like a signature this cross is to be found on every bespoke design displayed in the room. The Arne Jacobsen chairs have for example been engraved with the cross on their backs, while the pattern of the handwoven fabric upholstering the sofas was customade to integrate the cross as a unique design element.

The dominating color of the room – red – was selected among a palette of the original colors (green, red combined with a warm hazel shade wood essence). The color combination allowed us to entertwine past, present and futur in the historic room.