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board member at the Danish Association of Architects

board member at the Danish Association of Architects

Year: 2024
Photo credit: Arkitektforeningen

Congratulations to all those who got elected to the Danish Association of Architects’ board.

Our CEO Lawrence is one of the many architects who ran for office and now is starting a 3-year tenure in Copenhagen.

As part of the board of representatives, Lawrence who is passionate about her profession, has pledged to contribute to enriching it with fair practice, inclusion, diversity, sustainability, both at a national and local level.

She aims at addressing those challenges in the built environment and  advocate for better values in the field.

Moreover she will help facilitate the meeting between groups whose voices may be difficult to hear and those who have the most influence in the industry, well-aware that knowledge exchange and dialogue can make a difference. It is the way forward.  A revised culture in the built environment will thus ensure / enable a new way of building.