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Client: Private
Location: Frederiksberg / Copenhagen
Year: 2001
Photo credit: Karina Tengberg / Olivier Gasque

The owner of this place had a crush on the tiny, quirky two-storey building located in the enclave of Frederiksberg in Copenhagen in one of the few remaining backyards of the Danish capital.
Once an abandoned and derelict artisan workshop, the atelier stood empty for many years.
Curated Works completed the residential project in the former cabinet maker burrow with clear specifications: combine past and present elegantly.
Though it is a challenge to brand temporality and highlight features from the past in a contemporary setting, Curated Works made it possible through a minimalistic intervention. The white chalked walls provided an ideal backdrop to shed the light on handpicked or custom-designed objects as well as architectural details.
The result is a compelling illustration of our approach for this project, where preserving the premises’ original raw look and their unique features (old hoist, wrought-iron stove, oak beams…) was paramount.